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Rodney Osodo
6 min readOct 19, 2021

I look at art as a container. You can’t get inside it, so you have to ask all of these questions.

Mark Bradford

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought with it a slew of advantages. However, it has increased and altered risks in business and IT. Reports of hijacked cameras hacked medical equipment and infiltrated industrial control systems have appeared in recent years. This situation is expected to worsen when 5G takes hold and gadgets with embedded IoT capabilities arrive. What makes IoT so challenging is that it puts an extra layer of security on top of current safeguards. IoT is included in almost all aspects of a business, partners and supply chains — it encompasses firmware, operating systems, TCP/IP stacks, network design, data security technologies, and much more.


Davos is an FTP automation programme that searches specified host sites for fresh files regularly. It may be set up to do a variety of things, such as listening for particular files to exist at the host location, then downloading and moving them if necessary. It also includes completion alerts and downstream API calls to help move the workflow along.
We can use Davos to push the binary files where we will use to send the Over The Air (OTA) updates to the individual IoT devices.

An alternative to this Grav is a Fast, Simple, and Flexible, file-based Web-platform.


Domoticz is a home automation system that allows you to monitor and set various devices such as lights, switches, and different sensors/meters like temperature, rain, wind, UV, Electra, Gas, and Water, among others. Any mobile device may get notifications or alerts. We can use this to configure our DHT11 sensor and any other sensor we were to use.


Duckdns is a free service that will point a DNS (duckdns.org subdomains) to an IP address of your choosing. The service is entirely free, and it does not require reactivation or forum postings to be active.
If we are to open up more endpoints like our MQTT endpoint and our dashboards so that they can be reached by a domain name, we can use this service to configure.



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